National Galvanising Industries is an Australian owned and operated business.

In 2007, the Cliplyn Group of Companies, a family business, acquired the galvanising facility from the John Holland Group.

The facility has for over three decades supplied hot dip galvanising services to many customers in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales that service industries including oil, gas and chemical sectors; mining and mineral processing; materials storage and handling; metal refinery and smelting; power generation; infrastructure projects; commercial; industrial and general construction.

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Hot dip galvanising is the process by which iron and steel can be treated to prevent rusting. In essence it involves dipping the article with a chemically clean surface into a bath of molten zinc which reacts with the iron and forms a coating.

We offer a full range of hot dip galvanising services from processing structural steel and fabricated sections to centrifuging small components.

- Hot caustic degreasing
- Hydrochloric acid pickling
- Rinsing
- Prefluxing in zinc ammonium chloride solution
- Hot dip galvanising
- Quenching

Venting and draining – latest update from GAA

It is important to consider the corrosion protection of ferrous articles when they are being designed. The key factors to consider when designing for hot dip galvanizing are the design’s impact on: • Safety during the process • Quality of …
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